The ‘Essentials’

This section contains the chapters that we deem pivotal when understanding and co-existing with any dog. The content it contains does not only delve into the theory of animal behaviour but it provides users with a variety of techniques and ideas to consider incorporating daily

The ‘Calmness’

This section will provide users with all the knowledge and technology necessary to ensure dogs are enjoying a balanced lifestyle. It contains content created to equip you and your companion with the abilities to relax, and combines it with data gathered from our smart collar to show you the results of incorporating such ideas.

The ‘Health’

This section uses our smart collar to assess the quality of your dogs sleep. Sleep is very important for all mammals. By incorporating all the ideas here on Doghouse you can improve the sleep of a dog by reducing daily stressors, leading to a better quality of sleep, with a better processing of daily stress, thus creating a positive feedback loop.

The ‘Cues & Games’

This section on the Doghouse app hosts a variety of exercises that you can use to teach a dog hand-signals and verbal cues. Here you can spend time creating clear communication channels that you can use to ask for requests from a dog.

The ‘Blog’

This section contains valuable articles authored by some of the leading professionals in the dog world. Its goal is to exist as an extension of the Doghouse content by providing information on an array of topics such as new canine science, enrichment, animal emotions and so on. It will provide access to regular professional opinions.