The Doghouse Story

Is Doghouse just another dog training app? No. Yes, we provide free behavioural content, all originally illustrated, but Doghouse goes a lot further than this by providing a network of the worlds top force-free trainers, who are available to work closely with pet parents online.

Born out of the problems one founder was facing with his two dogs, and the search for solutions the other founder was facing, when trying to provide enrichment and safety for the two dogs. Doghouse will become an all-in-one platform helping pet parents with all their dog’s daily needs.

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The Doghouse platform

As an all-encompassing canine platform, Doghouse has gathered all the available canine knowledge and transformed it into a style more easily understood by dog companions. Doghouse also innovates hardware and software to further increase the quality of life for you and your canine companion.

From science and theory, practice exercises, walk and sleep tracking technology, all the way to online professional training help and pet insurance, Doghouse will provide all the information you need to meet your companions needs, fulfilling their life as a dog.

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